One Life


I sit and await the anniversary of the terror;
The abhorrent morning that I woke to another world.
A world where you cease to exist in mine.
That morning will reside with me always,
Wherever I am or Whatever I do.

Awaking to the awful sound
Your struggling breath.
Running to your side of our bed,
Pulling you close,
Only to lose you in my arms.
Your breath left your body,
One last time.
Sleeping eyes that woke lifeless.
Leaving my soul,
With dread and panic taking its place.
You see, it was hopeless,
I knew you were gone.
The emergency response did not have to rush.
They did their job regardless,
But to no avail.

I stood over you,
Watching and helping the revival process.
My world shattered,
I missed you already.
That moment,
When you were freed of the physical,
I became chained,
To a life of misery.
Life here without you,
A karmic debt hugely paid.

I am left now to dwell amongst the anonymous.
My head down, my heart heavy.
I wonder along the streets we walked;
Remembering everything said and shared.
You, the balance in my life,
Making it all worthwhile.
The one man who has loved me,
Unconditionally and unselfishly.
You were security,
You made everything alright.
An anesthetic, a conqueror, my protector.

On a Saturday morning,
Nearing two years ago.
There with you.
Both of us lost to this world,
But living in parallel universes.
Yours, a new journey,
Stepping on to the shore of Heaven,
Mine, still here,
Existing in shadows
Of the darkness of Hell.



The Power of Thought


The Power of Thought

You view me as malicious,
Intending on wounding ones in my path.
You’re wrong, it’s just circumstance.
Circumstance has made me pay the price.
Now it’s time I hop off the wheel of suffering.
Offer up my faux pas, mistakes, oversights
Whatever you may call it.

It is time for peace.
Peace within.
For time does not exist.
And life is eternal.
We make our own heaven and hells
Here on Earth.
We make that choice.
I and we must become righteous and change.
The power of thought is resilient.
It’s the ego, who wants to hold on with all its force
To keep us in fear.
It is time for peace within.

So you are mistaken with your “knowingness” of me
And your philosophies are the same.
Time for change.
Yes; however not the type of change you infer.
I do not need to be knocked down by you,
You who think that all the answers are there –
Move, cut people out, etc…
The answer is within my essence.
My problems are miniscule in comparison
To the real problem.
The separation from God and my brothers.

If I change my thoughts to one with Him,
All the right people and things will come into my life.
I won’t keep making same mistakes with the same people.
For all I can do is try and be patient.
Put my talent to use,
And not “die with my music still in me”.
I owe it to God, myself and my audience
To make an impression.
Do what I was put here to do.

Pain is easier to write than happiness.
We all can validate pain effortlessly.
But it is the Joy and Happiness that should be validated.
Most of us are stuck, here, in a place where the darkness
Seems like it will last forever.
That is our choice, our misperception.
We can change by seeing the good and innocence in people,
Even when it’s hard.
Love cannot be taught, it is something we own.
Send love or send fear.
God has granted free will.
From now on I choose Heaven and peace.
From now on I choose to send Love.