About Jill


As a native New Yorker, Jill has had great opportunities and access to fine arts. She’s traveled throughout Europe and spent her twenties residing half in London and New York. As a poet, Jill’s work is quite personal and thus is filled with raw emotion. After battling cancer and a bad marriage, she finally found a love unlike any other. Tragedy struck once more when on holiday in England, Jill lost the love of her life to an unknown heart condition. She returned to New York alone and filled with despair. As only she can, Jill put pen to paper and turned the experience into prose. Some of the work will be posted here and the rest of the collection is being published. Jill still resides on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her children Liam and Emma.

You can reach her here or via email at LosingInnocencePoetry@aol.com
Please feel free to leave any comments or thoughts.20120527-171549.jpg



3 comments on “About Jill

  1. Uncle Tree says:

    Hope this note finds you and your two alive and,
    well, happy today. You’ve lived thru much already.

    Best regards and hopeful wishes for better outcomes
    in the days and years ahead; of which I pray you many.

    Peace, luvz, and hugz! 🙂 Keith


    • jillnyc says:

      Thanks so much, Keith. I battled a rare cancer and the death of a loved one at such a young age that I am truly grateful for each and every day. My poetry can be a downer LOL, but it’s how I healed from the trauma. That and King Arthur 🙂
      Thanks so much for your kind words
      All My Best,
      Jill 🙂


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