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  1. Eric says:

    Petition such as this
    brings sweet sun’s strength from Sky,
    relief, and grants one’s wish
    to silence sound of cry;
    Heights more true match the depths
    to which we mortals sink,
    and only those who’ve wept
    and prayed
    are saved
    from brink.



    • jillnyc says:

      So true, Eric, and so eloquently put. I’ve had the chance to read some of your stuff and can relate to so many feelings you so beautifully put into words. I have so many poems in the collection I have to start putting up. With dual projects, unfortunately one doesn’t get as much attention as the other. I have another blog, Arthurian Romances on WordPress that I’ve been working on as well. It’s under a different username, 1Morganlafaye if you’re interested in that type of stuff or you can view it at ArthurianRomances.com
      Any feedback or ideas are greatly appreciated on either project.
      Thanks for the lovely comment!
      All My Best,


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