One Life


I sit and await the anniversary of the terror;
The abhorrent morning that I woke to another world.
A world where you cease to exist in mine.
That morning will reside with me always,
Wherever I am or Whatever I do.

Awaking to the awful sound
Your struggling breath.
Running to your side of our bed,
Pulling you close,
Only to lose you in my arms.
Your breath left your body,
One last time.
Sleeping eyes that woke lifeless.
Leaving my soul,
With dread and panic taking its place.
You see, it was hopeless,
I knew you were gone.
The emergency response did not have to rush.
They did their job regardless,
But to no avail.

I stood over you,
Watching and helping the revival process.
My world shattered,
I missed you already.
That moment,
When you were freed of the physical,
I became chained,
To a life of misery.
Life here without you,
A karmic debt hugely paid.

I am left now to dwell amongst the anonymous.
My head down, my heart heavy.
I wonder along the streets we walked;
Remembering everything said and shared.
You, the balance in my life,
Making it all worthwhile.
The one man who has loved me,
Unconditionally and unselfishly.
You were security,
You made everything alright.
An anesthetic, a conqueror, my protector.

On a Saturday morning,
Nearing two years ago.
There with you.
Both of us lost to this world,
But living in parallel universes.
Yours, a new journey,
Stepping on to the shore of Heaven,
Mine, still here,
Existing in shadows
Of the darkness of Hell.



6 comments on “One Life

  1. Rahburt says:

    are the past 2 poems i read based off of your first hand experiences? 😦


    • jillnyc says:

      Unfortunately all of my poems are based on life experiences. Thank you so much for the positive feedback. I really appreciate it!
      All My Best,


      • Rahburt says:

        makes it that much more real and impactful though. but still my condolences for your pain. and you’re welcome :). thank you!


  2. ThT explains why your poem can impact me so strongly. Your words come from a place deep inside and are filled with passion which allows them to reach out and pull the reader in. I’ve enjoyed reading them. Thank you


    • jillnyc says:

      Thank you so much Tom for your kind words. It really means so much when I get comments such as yours. I don’t know if the poem is really self-explanatory, but if you like to know more about it you could friend me on Facebook (Jill M Roberts) and I’d be more than happy to go into what some of these poems are about in a private message or you can email me at
      Thanks again for such a wonderful complement!
      All My Best,


      • Your quite welcome Jill, Facebook will be fine I’ll send friend request when I’m done. Being a poet and a widower I can feel the passion and pain that flows from you. I will be honored to call you friend.Tom


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