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What a great word!
Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Memorial day weekend!
Thank you to all our men and women in arms, especially those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. God Bless

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Today’s Poetry Quote!


Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.

Alexander Pope

As a child, Alexander Pope (born May 21, 1688) suffered from illnesses that stunted his growth and gave him persistent headaches. He didn’t let any of that stop him from becoming one of the greatest poets of his age.

Figures on Tombs


Figures on Tombs

We sleep side by side

Like figures on tombs.

What is this?

Why do we go on?

We are wasting our time.

Our life is one of strangers.

As if we’re roommates

Who just reside together

You don’t know me

There is no “Us”.

The sad part is

There was never an “Us”

You desperately wanted

A wife


It’s been ten years

And you’re a man of no secrets.

I am a woman of one.

I yearn to be with him,

But God has answered a prayer

You see.

When he walked up those stairs

I knew he was gone to me forever.

But my being your friend

Is not enough.

We foolishly thought it would,

But I’m confining you

To a world of waiting,

And every night

I pretend to be asleep

So we don’t have to have

The conversation.

I’m content to be as if we’re

Figures on tombs.

© Jill M Roberts All rights reserved

Just a Dream


Just a Dream
I was running, panting, and out of breath.
I just couldn’t run anymore.
He was behind me right on my heels.
I had to get to the other side and quickly.
I came to the end and I saw three Doors.
I didn’t know which one was which.
I had to get away and get away fast.
It was eenie meenie miney mo on the go.
I chose the door on the right.
I don’t know why,
It just seemed like that was where I supposed to go.

I had this vibe,
This intuition,
Telling me that safety was beyond that door.
As I opened the door,
A strong wind was whipping around the other side
Trying to suck me in.
The wind wasn’t colorless
It was all different bright colors.
I knew immediate death was imminent
If I didn’t cross that threshold.
The man with the ax had caught up to me.

“Don’t go through that door, young lady.” he growled.
“All you have to do is submit to me,
And this here ax doesn’t have to become your new best friend.” he slyly said with a half grin on his face.
I froze just from his words.
I knew I had to make some sort of move.
I looked at his disheveled face
Then noticed the blood dripping from the ax.
With my hand on the knob,
I turned around and jumped
Into the whirling vortex of air
With my eyes closed.
I said a prayer knowing this was my end.
As the wind sucked me in,
I couldn’t breathe.
My whole body jerked like a seizure.
My eyes opened and I was back home in my bed,
Panting and sweating.
I looked at the clock to see the time.
It had only been 5 minutes since I fell asleep.
The clock displayed 2:17
If you turn that number upside down,
It looks like the name LIZ.
Elizabeth is my first name,
But everyone calls me Liz…

© Jill M Roberts 2015 All Rights Reserved

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